Link 16 time slot reallocation

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Нет не можно, это жесткий диск сам лечил себя, а треугольник это значит что скоро будет исчерпан лимит резервных секторов мне подарили хард где красным уже восклицательный горит ЦИТАТА: Что такое переназначенный сектор ( Reallocated Sector Count)?

Link 16 Messages - Link 16 Messages DATASHEET Link 16 Message Table Link 16 Messages NETWORK MANAGEMENT J0.0 Initial Entry J0.1 Test J0.2 Network Time Update J0.3 Time Slot Assignment J0.4 Radio Relay Control J0.5 Repromulgation Relay J0.6 Communications Control J0.7 Time Slot Reallocation J1.0 Connectivity Interrogation J1.1 Connectivity Status J1.2 Route ... USMC News -

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LINK−16 Message time refinement 4 double pulses synchronisation preambleThe Dedicated With Time Slot Re-use access method is similar to the Dedicated Access Mode, butThe Timeslot Reallocation (TSR) method is an additional Access Method (see above) which...

Right now, there are a pair of efforts underway to improve Link 16 based connectivity. One is BAE Systems’ Flexible Access Secure Transfer (FAST) waveform, aimed at upgrading older aircraft using Link 16 terminals. FAST aggregates unused time slots within Link 16 to boost throughput from 256kbps up to 1Mbps.

Link 16 Carrier Frequencies - Link 16 Spectrum… Link 16 Link 16 EQUIPMENT/Terminals* CLASS 1 HIGH POWER AMPLIFIER GROUP RT 1.56 CU. FT 200 WATTS 180 LBS.Note 4. 1. The TSDF limit for contention (Repromulgation Relay, Time Slot Reallocation (TSR) and machine controlled contention (MCC) is 25 percent of 396,288 pulses in a 12... Link 16 | Current network architecture (Static Design, Paired… – Network Controller Technology – Time Slot Reallocation – Time Slot Reallocation – Receipt Compliance – Stochastic Unified Multiple Access (SHUMA) Protocol – Multi-netting.Link-16. Additional Capabilities - Dynamic Time Slot Allocation - Multinet Switching.