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Maybe the most controversial topic of all is that of weapons. It deserves a thread of its own (and have had several), but seeing that the most important item slot of all for a Champion is the main hand weapon, and that that item slot happen to also be a legendary item slot, it needs mention in this thread.

LOTRO Classes Champion Lord Of The Rings Online -The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, "Appendix A".A true master of arms, the Champion excels at combat, focusing on little other than destroying her foes. The Champion's whirling blades can strike fear into the heart of even the foulest orc, cutting down swaths of their numbers at once. lotro captain class slot_Norgould Finder Lotro captain class slot ZAM Lord of the Rings Online :: A LOTRO. Lotro Champion Guide, Virtue Traits. ZAM Lord of the Rings Online is your ultimate destination for LOTRO information featuring a database, wiki, strategy guides, forums, chat rooms, images, videos and more.The Captain is a...

r/lotro Rules. Keep discussion civil. Build Guide for Champions? submitted 4 years ago by darkthought. Is there a good build guide for solo Champions anywhere? ... Slot traits that have those as well. Eventually you will probably want to get more resistance …

Class Slot :: Items by Slot :: Lord of the Rings Online :: ZAM - LotRO Items by Slot: Class Slot ... Champion's Rune of the Second Age icon, Champion's Rune of the Second Age, 65, None, Quested From: Chapter 4: Ergothorn ... Imbued Legendary Items Guide - LotRO

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Virtue, class and racial traits offer a maximum of five slots, and legendary traits offer two slots. ... Champion | Class Traits LotRO: Traits Guide. ... Equip yourself with items like sturdy Dwarven armor, intricate Elven mail, or weapons created with ...

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